AICS Listing

CAS Number 68647-72-3
Chemical Name Terpenes and terpenoids, orange oil
Molecular Formula Unspecified
Associated Names Orange oil, terpenes

NICNAS Safety Information Sheet
A NICNAS Safety Information Sheet is available for this chemical. These sheets have been compiled by NICNAS from information contained in Priority Existing Chemical (PEC) assessment reports. These sheets are designed to be downloaded, printed and displayed, preferably enlarged, in workplaces where chemicals are handled.

NICNAS Priority Existing Chemical (PEC)
This chemical has been reviewed as a part of the NICNAS Priority Existing Chemical (PEC) assessment process. NICNAS assesses existing chemicals on a priority basis in response to concerns about their health or environmental effects, or both. To search for a specific NICNAS PEC report, click here.



NICNAS endeavours to maintain the AICS with important regulatory and other information on listed chemicals, however, the information provided may not be exhaustive. The absence of additional information against an AICS listing does not indicate that there are no regulatory controls or hazards associated with the listed chemical.

Data current as at 28 Oct 2016

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