How much do I pay?

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The amount you pay for NICNAS registration each year depends on your registration level.

Calculate your registration level

There are four registration levels based on the total value of industrial chemicals you intend to import and/or manufacture in a registration year.

The registration year runs from 1 September to 31 August.

Estimate the total value of industrial chemicals

You can base the total value on reasonable estimates. These should be reconciled at the end of the year to reflect the value of introduced chemicals actually introduced.

As a guide to determining the value of your chemicals, you could use relevant commercial documents such as commercial invoices, order/confirmation, bills of lading/airway bills, insurance certificates or receipts for purchase of goods. You could also view a suggested list of relevant tariff classifications.

We recommend that you record how you made your calculations. Registrants are subject to random audits and it is an offence to provide false or misleading information.

All relevant commercial documents must be kept for at least five years. Read more about record keeping requirements.

Options for estimating the value of chemicals



I – import chemicals only

Annual value of all relevant industrial chemicals = Customs value (AUD) + Insurance + Freight + Customs duty

II – manufacture chemicals only

Total value of relevant industrial chemical manufactured* = Cost of labour and materials (including all ingredients) involved in manufacture + factory overhead expenses

*Manufacture involves making a different chemical. Blending or mixing chemicals without making a different chemical is not considered to be the manufacture of a chemical.

III – import AND manufacture chemicals (where imports are not used in manufacture)

Option I for imports + Option II for manufactured industrial materials

IV – import AND manufacture chemicals (but some, or all, imports are used in manufacture)

Use the methodology described in Option III. However, make sure the value of the imported chemicals (used to manufacture another chemical) is only counted once in the total value.

Registration level
(formerly known as Tier)

Introduction value

Fee (AUD) 2019-20 registration year
(GST does not apply)













There is no pro-rata registration.

Last update 7 June 2019