How do I update my details?

You must inform us of certain changes to your business so that we can keep the Register of Industrial Chemical Introducers up to date.

The easiest way to advise us is by logging into NICNAS Business Services (you must be registered).

Log in NICNAS Business Services to update your details

We also accept letters on your business letterhead, posted to NICNAS at GPO Box 58 Sydney NSW 2001.

You can also inform us through our online contact form (select 'Business registration' in the topic list).

Please do not forget to include your NICNAS registration number with the updated information.

When do I need to update my details?

Change in contact details

If the contact details of your business change, such as address, email address or telephone number, please tell us as soon as practicable.

Death, bankruptcy and liquidation

Please tell us in writing as soon as practicable if your business goes into liquidation, becomes bankrupt, or if a registered individual business owner dies.


If your business is taken over by another business (registered or not) and, as a result of the takeover, your business ceases to exist, please tell us in writing within seven days after the takeover takes effect.


If your business merges with another business (registered or not) to form a new business, please tell us in writing within seven days of the merger taking effect.


If you didn't have an Australian Business Number (ABN) at the time of registration and you have since obtained one, tell us as soon as possible.

Transferring registration

Registration can only be transferred in certain circumstances.

If an owner of a registered business dies, registration can be transferred to the legal personal representative of the owner's estate.

If a registered business becomes bankrupt, registration can be transferred to the trustee of the estate of the business.

If a registered business is being wound up, registration can be transferred to the appointed liquidator of the business.

Please contact us if you wish to transfer registration in these circumstances.

Last update 7 January 2020