Case studies — guides to categorising chemicals

Step by step 'how to' categorise chemicals under the new scheme

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To help people understand how the proposed categorisation process for new industrial chemicals will work under the new Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS), we have put together a range of case studies.

The case studies cover typical scenarios for introducing cosmetic and non-cosmetic new chemicals. They show how introducers would categorise chemicals as exempted or reported under the new scheme.

What’s in the case studies

  • Checklists of the information you will need for categorisation
  • Summary of  the steps needed to categorise the chemical introduction
  • Walk through each steps 1-6, including:
    • determining the indicative risk for human health and environment
    • determining the introduction category
  • Finally, we explain what happens next and give a brief comparison for the same introduction under the current legislation.

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Non-cosmetics case studies

Cosmetics case studies

Last update 14 August 2018