Categorisation Guidelines (draft)

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New: Case studies - a step by step guide to categorising chemicals under the new scheme

Consultation on the the draft Industrial Chemicals Categorisation Guidelines (Categorisation Guidelines) which contain technical details and requirements that industrial chemical importers and manufacturers need to use to categorise their chemicals under the new scheme has now closed. Chemicals that were previously imported or manufactured under an exemption, permit or assessment certificate will need to be categorised using the process and criteria described in the Categorisation Guidelines and the General Rules.

You must read the Categorisation Guidelines in conjunction with the General Rules.

The Categorisation Guidelines will be of key interest to:

  • businesses who regularly introduce chemicals into Australia, including those in the cosmetic and personal care and general industrial chemistry sectors.
  • ‘downstream’ businesses that depend on the use or supply of industrial chemicals
  • organisations providing consultancy and regulatory services on industrial chemical regulation
  • organisations who have a regulatory or public policy interest in industrial chemical regulation, including state and territory risk managers

Reading the Categorisation Guidelines

We recommend you view the Categorisation Guidelines on your web browser. You can print any of the pages and some sections are downloadable as a PDF document.

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Help with understanding the Categorisation Guidelines

We prepared supporting information to help you understand the process and requirements around categorisation of chemical introductions described in the draft General Rules and Categorisation Guidelines. These are for consultations purposes and we recommend you read these materials if you are planning to provide feedback.

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More supporting information and guidance material will be available after the General Rules and Categorisation Guidelines are finalised. Prior to the commencement of the reforms, we will provide:

  • web-based tools to assist introducers to work out the appropriate introduction category.
  • user-friendly guidance to assist introducers to categorise their chemical introductions and to meet their obligations following categorisation, including record keeping and submitting pre-introduction reports for reported introductions.
  • case-studies and examples of categorisations of chemical introductions.

Last update 14 August 2018