Transitional Rules (draft)

The Industrial Chemicals (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Rules 2018 (Transitional Rules) are part of new laws arising from the NICNAS reforms that are currently awaiting debate in the Parliament. The Transitional Rules provide the legal basis for managing the transition to the new system for regulating the import/manufacture of industrial chemicals in Australia as set out in the Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017, General Rules and Categorisation Guidelines.

The Transitional Rules covers how the following certificates, permits and processes under the current laws will operate once the new laws are in effect:

  • Assessment certificates
  • Commercial evaluation permits
  • Low volume permits
  • Controlled use permits
  • Early introduction permits
  • Secondary notifications
  • Application fees payable under the previous laws
  • Inventory
  • Information, reporting and confidentiality
  • Movements authorised under section 106 of the previous laws (part 11)

The Transitional Rules will be of key interest to:

  • businesses who regularly introduce chemicals into Australia, including those in the cosmetic and personal care and general industrial chemistry sectors.
  • ‘downstream’ businesses that depend on the use or supply of industrial chemicals
  • organisations providing consultancy and regulatory services on industrial chemical regulation
  • organisations who have a regulatory or public policy interest in industrial chemical regulation, including state and territory risk managers

Consultation on the draft Transitional Rules has closed.

Download the draft Transitional Rules in PDF [587 KB]

Download the draft Transitional Rules in Word [487 KB]

Help with understanding the Transitional Rules

This additional information on the draft Transitional Rules was provided for the consultation. This information is intended to help you understand the process and requirements described in the draft Transitional Rules.

More supporting information and guidance material will be available after the Transitional Rules are finalised.

Read our notes on the Transitional Rules

Last update 14 August 2018