Public consultation forecast

The table below sets out our current and planned public consultations on:

  • the implementation of the NICNAS reforms (listed as reforms)
  • existing risk assessment and regulatory processes (listed as non-reforms).

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Public consultations

ConsultationOpensClosesTypeTiming subject to Parliamentary Approval of Reforms Legislation?Further informationContact
‘Excluded Use’ ChemicalsongoingTBA 2019Non-reformsNo

Chemicals we believe have no industrial uses in Australia (i.e. are excluded under the ICNA act) have been published on our website.

We are asking for feedback on any possible industrial uses for chemicals in this list.
IMAP Tranche 2526 October 201821 December 2018Non-reformsNo - subject to consultation timelines legislated under the ICNA ActInterested parties are invited to comment on the assessment outcomes of IMAP Tranche -

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Past consultation outcomes

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Last update 14 June 2017