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Industrial Chemicals reforms: update on implementation

To assist regulated entities to adequately prepare for implementation of AICIS, the Liberal National Government has decided to defer commencement of the scheme until 1 July 2020.

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About the reforms

The Australian Government has decided to reform the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) to:

  • make regulatory effort more proportionate to risk
  • promote safer innovation by encouraging the introduction of lower risk chemicals
  • continue to protect the Australian people (both workers and the public) and the environment from any harmful effects of industrial chemicals.

The legislation to implement the reforms to NICNAS has now been introduced into Parliament

Further information about the Australian Government’s commitment to introduce a ban on animal testing of cosmetic products

Further information about the Australian Government’s decision to reform NICNAS

Published: June 2017


Using AICIS approved chemical names for protecting confidentiality

Published:   27 September 2018
Closed: 26 October 2018

Assessment certificate applications under the reforms

Published:  27 September 2018
Closed: 26 October 2018

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Case studies - how to categorise chemicals under the new scheme

To help people understand how the proposed categorisation process for new industrial chemicals will work under the new Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS), we have put together a range of case studies.

Theses case studies cover typical scenarios for importing or manufacturing cosmetic and non-cosmetic chemicals, not already on the Inventory.

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Release of draft Industrial Chemical Rules and Categorisation Guidelines

Exposure drafts of the Rules and Guidelines with explanatory notes are now available. Consultation on the draft Rules and Categorisation Guidelines has now closed.  Once finalised, the rules will be made by the Minister, and the Categorisation Guidelines will be issued by the Executive Director of the new scheme. Together, with the Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017 (once enacted), these documents will form the scheme for the introduction of industrial chemicals in Australia.

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Changes to categorisation of industrial chemicals since our last consultation

Since Consultation Paper 5 in 2017, we made many changes to details about the categorisation of industrial chemicals. These are shown in the draft General Rules and Categorisation Guidelines.

We made these changes as a result of stakeholder feedback and the process of drafting the requirements into the General Rules and Categorisation Guidelines.

We have summarised the main changes in terminology, definitions or requirements and presented these as a side-by-side comparison between Consultation Paper 5 and the draft General Rules or Categorisation Guidelines. We also mention some aspects of the General Rules that were not included in Consultation Paper 5.

Read about these changes here (published 9 March 2018)

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Consultation Paper 5 submissions

Our response to issues raised in Consultation Paper 5 submissions

Reforms Cost Recovery Model discussion paper

This paper outlines the proposed funding model for the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS). The public comment period closed on 21 July regarding issues outlined in this paper.

Read the Reforms Cost Recovery Model discussion paper

Published: June 2017

Public consultation forecast

A forecast of when we expect to hold public consultation or release documents to gain stakeholder feedback over the the next 2 years.

Go the the public consultation forecast

Reforms implementation plan

The proposed implementation and consultation approach and proposed timelines.

Published September 2015

Reforms announcement

The announcement made by the then Assistant Minister for Health, Senator the Hon Fiona Nash.

Published: May 2015

Regulation impact statement - Options for Reforming the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme

  • Following a review of NICNAS in 2012–13 this Regulation impact statement (RIS) was published. It describes the key steps taken during the review and includes an assessment of the costs and benefits of 4 proposed reform options.
  • The Australian Government decided to implement option 3.

Published November 2014

Get an overview of the reforms by reading the Executive Summary and Part 1 About the NICNAS reforms in Consultation Paper 5.

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