Standard or Limited notifications

Limited (LTD) notifications

LTDs are for chemicals fitting one of these categories:

  • small-volume chemicals, biopolymers, and low MW synthetic polymers (NAMW <1000 Da)—that is, chemicals to be imported or manufactured at a rate of up to 1 tonne/12-month period
  • site-limited chemicals, biopolymers, and low MW synthetic polymers (NAMW <1000 Da)—that is, chemicals restricted to their manufacturing site and manufactured at a rate of not more than 10 tonnes/12-month period
  • synthetic polymers with NAMW >1000 Da that do not meet the PLC criteria.

Standard (STD) notifications

STDs are for chemicals, biopolymers and low MW synthetic polymers (NAMW<1000 Da) imported or manufactured at greater than 1 tonne/year that do not fulfill the requirements of any other category.

Application requirements

Your application must consist of:

  • the completed application form for an assessment certificate (Form-1), including the information about the chemical—comprising parts A, B and C* of the schedule (* for STD only, unless available for LTD), Part D for synthetic polymer or biopolymer, and Part E for an ultraviolet filter used in a cosmetic and applied to the skin
  • any other information about the chemical available to you
  • (where required) applications to exempt information based on confidentiality or to vary the schedule of data requirements
  • any application for third party information (Form 5).

NICNAS assesses a STD or LTD notification within 90 days of the date of accepting your completed application and fee.

Apply for a Standard (STD) or Limited (LTD) notification


Standard assessment: $19,440.

Limited assessment: $13,910.

Additional information

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Last update 29 July 2018