Extension of an assessment certificate

Extension of a current assessment certificate may cover other companies intending to import or manufacture a notified chemical, where the holder of the original certificate agrees and as long as certain criteria are met.

Assessment requirements

Your application must consist of:

  • the completed application form for an extension (Form EXT-1)
  • supplementary information on matters affecting occupational, public and environmental exposure (if the application contains significant differences from the original assessment)
  • any new health and environmental effects information available about the notified chemical
  • confirmation that you have access to the public assessment report for the notified chemical
  • written agreement of all holders of the original assessment certificate for the extension application (Form 14)—one form is required for each holder of the original assessment.

Under an Extension of an Original Assessment Certificate Notification, the original assessment report is modified within 45 days of the date of acceptance of a complete application.

Apply for an assessment certificate extension (non self-assessment under STD, LTD or PLC)


Application for extension of assessment certificate: $6,070.

Additional information

Any information you claim as confidential in your extension application will not be disclosed to the original applicant (if you are not the original applicant).

For extension/s to certificates for 'Chemicals other than polymers and polymers with a number-average molecular weight (NAMW) <1000 Da' assessed in the LTD notification category, the total volume introduced by all certificate holders (including extension applicants) must not exceed the 1 tonne/year limit.

Last update 25 November 2019