Notification fees

Notification fees



Fee (AUD)
(GST does not apply)

Certificate applications

Standard assessment (STD)

Limited assessment (LTD)

Polymer of low concern (PLC)

Application for extension of assessment certificate





Self-assessment certificate applications

Self-assessment application non-hazardous chemical

Self-assessment application non-hazardous polymer

Polymer of low concern self-assessment application (SAPLC)




Permit applications

Commercial evaluation permit application (CEC)

Low volume chemical permit application (LVC)

Controlled use permit application (export only)

Controlled use permit application (other)

Application for early introduction permit (EIP)

Section 30 permit application







Permit renewal applications

Commercial evaluation renewal application (CER)

Low volume chemical permit renewal application (LVCR)

Controlled use permit renewal application




Other applications

Secondary notifications of new chemicals, other than a synthetic PLC

Secondary notifications of a new chemical that is a synthetic PLC

Alternate state law application




Reduced fee options

Approved foreign scheme—STD

Approved foreign scheme—LTD

Approved foreign scheme—PLC

Assessed by comparable agency—STD (was Modular—STD)

Assessed by comparable agency—LTD (was Modular—LTD)

Assessed by comparable agency—PLC (was Modular—PLC)

NICNAS previously assessed similar chemical—STD (was Modular—STD)

NICNAS previously assessed similar chemical—LTD (was Modular—LTD)

NICNAS previously assessed similar chemical—PLC (was Modular—PLC)

Group assessment—STD (was Modular—secondary chemical)

Group assessment—LTD or PLC (was Modular—secondary chemical)












New chemical assessments

Variation of schedule data requirements

Nomination of foreign scheme

Exempt information

Application to vary assessment report

Application to vary full public report






Last update 1 January 1970