Secondary notifications

Tell us about your introduction to meet your regulatory obligations

Some chemicals we previously assessed have secondary notification conditions.

If a chemical has secondary notification conditions, you must tell us if the circumstances of your import or manufacture is different from the original assessment or you have new information on the chemical, including where:

  • a significant change of use or new use occurs
  • a significant increase in production occurs
  • new information arises on the hazardous properties of a chemical

This requirement is in Section 64, Division 6 of the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989.

Where do I find the secondary notification conditions for a chemical?

These are specified in our assessment report for the chemical. To find the report, search for your chemical on any page of our website and look under Assessments in your search results.

Read the assessment report, in particular the sections describing:

  • how the chemical will be used
  • whether the chemical will be imported or manufactured
  • import or manufacture quantity (volume)
  • the function of the chemical
  • information under the headings Regulatory Obligations and Secondary notification

Can't find the assessment report for your chemical?

In some cases we're unable to link the assessment report to the Inventory due to confidentiality reasons. In this case please complete and submit this online form.

Last update 31 July 2019