Assessment process and reports

In normal circumstances, we complete a certificate assessment for a new industrial chemical within 90 calendar days from the date the complete notification package (application) is received.

Once you have received the assessment report from NICNAS, you have 2 weeks to apply for a variation.

You receive an assessment certificate for a new chemical within 7 days of consent to publish, after 28 calendar days if no consent is provided, or after 90 calendar days when:

  • the NICNAS Director has asked for additional information, in which case the 90 calendar days will begin from the date the additional information is received
  • an unusually detailed or complex assessment is necessary, in which case an additional 90 calendar days may be granted—you will be advised as soon as practicable.

Following the assessment of a notified chemical under the STD, LTD and PLC categories, we send you:

  • exempt information
  • public report (not including exempt information).

We will delete justifiable third party information provided on your behalf before sending exempt information to you.

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NICNAS will also send advice on publication of a report and possible variation before publication (see sections below.

Requests to vary assessment reports before publication

Within 14 days of receiving an assessment report (non self-assessed), you can ask the NICNAS Director to change it if, for example, you disagree with the conclusions and/or recommendations on scientific grounds.

You need to submit an application for variation report form with payment. Always provide reasons for your request and supporting documentation (if you have it or if we require it).

Download form— Application for variation report [Word docx, 69 KB]

The NICNAS Director may agree or refuse to change the report, depending on your rationale and the extra information you provide. The Director will provide the decision in writing.

You can then:

  • give written consent for the report to be published
  • appeal the decision (see Review of decisions)
  • withdraw your notification.

You can also apply to vary an assessment report after it has been published (see below).

Publication of assessment reports

If the NICNAS Director has not received a request to change the assessment report within 28 days from when you forwarded it, the report can be published.

Under the Act, NICNAS does this by:

  • publishing summary details of the assessment in the Chemical Gazette
  • giving a copy of the assessment report to the Department of the Environment
  • giving a copy of the public report to any person the Minister directs
  • publishing the public report on this website.

Variation of assessment reports after publication

You can apply to the NICNAS Director to vary the public report within 28 days after the summary details of the assessment have been published in the Chemical Gazette.

To apply for a variation before publication (see above).

Before varying the report, the NICNAS Director must first publish a notice in the Chemical Gazette setting out the proposed variation.

Under the Act, third parties (such as members of the public) can also apply to the Director to vary a report after it is published.

Last update 6 December 2019