Record keeping

General requirements

Under Regulation 7A of the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Regulations 1990, the importer of a chemical must keep:

  • A written statement detailing if:
    • the chemical is, or contains, an industrial chemical
    • in the case of an industrial chemical, a submission is being prepared for including the chemical in the AICS
    • the chemical is a new industrial chemical
    • an assessment certificate is in force for the chemical
    • a permit is in force for the chemical.

All relevant commercial documents (within the meaning of Section 240 of the Customs Act 1901) relating to an industrial chemical for at least five years after it is imported into Australia (including commercial documents that came into your possession or control before, on and after the entry of the industrial chemical into Australia).

Relevant commercial documents could include a commercial invoice describing the goods, orders or confirmations, bills of lading or airway bills, insurance certificates, receipts for purchase of goods, illustrated descriptive material and other records provided to Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

Last update 23 December 2019