How we screen assessment applications for new chemicals

NICNAS conducts an initial screening of an application to determine if it is complete and that all fees are paid (see figure below).

When doing so, we:

  1. conduct administrative screening
  2. conduct technical screening (in conjunction with assessment staff in the Department of the Environment) to determine if the application is:
    1. complete—which means assessment can start (from date of submission)
    2. incomplete, but requires outstanding data that can be easily rectified—which means assessment may start
    3. substantially deficient—which means assessment cannot start
  3. specify the timeframe for addressing any gaps in data required, which is 14 days (permits) / 28 days (certificates) or the option of submitting your own timetable for resolving data gaps if you cannot do so in 14 (permits) or 28 (certificates) days.

After we complete screening (usually within 14 days) we will inform you of the outcome and details of the information required to resolve any data gaps. This letter will also include the details of the assessment clock dates (if the clock has started) or the dates by which additional data needs to be provided to NICNAS (if the clock has not started).

NICNAS also screens any additional information you are asked to provide, until your application is complete. The assessment clock will start on the date NICNAS received the complete submission.

NOTE: NICNAS can return deficient submissions that are not rectified within the specified timeframes.

Screening process for new chemicals assessment

For an explanation of the options/material presented in this diagram, please call 1800 638 529

Refund policy

Refund policy


Status of application

Refund estimation


Application received and processed—no technical screening conducted OR preliminary screening shows it is an existing chemical

Withdrawn or returned

Refund 90% of assessment fees


Application received and technical screening completed

Withdrawn or returned

Refund 85% of assessment fees


Assessment already started

Withdrawn or returned

Depending on stage of assessment (e.g., STD withdrawn at day 45 (clock on) = refund 65% of assessment fees)


Assessment completed and Day-90 report completed


No refund


EIP submitted

EIP rejected

No refund

Last update 29 July 2018