Refinement of NICNAS defaults

It is proposed that NICNAS will approach companies that are likely to hold relevant toxicity data for chemicals other than PFOS, PFOA or PFBS to form a NICNAS Technical Working Group. This Working Group will facilitate provision of the data on the above toxicity endpoints to NICNAS.

NICNAS will then prepare and publish a hazard assessment report for any well characterised PFAS or PFCA chemical and this can be used as a default toxicology data set for one or more of the PFAS or PFCA breakdown products in future notifications of new perfluorinated chemicals.

This would ensure that NICNAS decisions will be based on the same data set, avoids duplication of assessment, avoids consideration of data of differing quality, and reduces the burden on industry to provide the same/similar data for all notifications.

Last update 13 August 2018