Notify your chemical

Certain regulatory changes are now in effect including expansion of polymer of low concern criteria, PLCs can now also be introduced under our exempt from notification category, shorter time frames for Approved Foreign Scheme notifications, no more annual reporting for permit holders and self-assessed assessment certificate holders. Read this article to find out more.

Before you start, you must check whether your chemical is listed on our chemical Inventory. If you're registered with us and the chemical or polymer that you intend to import or manufacture is listed on our Inventory, then you don't need to notify us. If your chemical is on the Inventory but has conditions of use or secondary notification obligations, find out more here.

If you can't find your chemical on our Inventory, we recommend that you apply to search for confidentially listed chemicals on the Inventory.

If your chemical or polymer is NOT listed on our Inventory

A chemical or polymer that is not listed on our Inventory is referred to as an 'unlisted chemical' or 'unlisted polymer'. Unless an exemption applies, you must apply for your unlisted chemical/polymer to be assessed by us for risks to human health and the environment.

Are you importing or manufacturing a polymer?

If the answer is yes, check whether it meets the 'polymer 2% rule'. The polymer 2% rule is where a polymer that is not on the Inventory (unlisted polymer) meets both of the following:

  • contains all the monomers and reactive components as a polymer on the Inventory (listed polymer)
  • any additional monomers and reactants in the unlisted polymer constitute no more than 2% by weight of the unlisted polymer

If your polymer meets the ‘2% rule’, you can introduce the polymer without notifying us. You must still comply with any regulatory requirements associated with that polymer. You’ll find these in the Inventory listing for that polymer.

Last update 6 December 2019