Topical antiperspirants and ear candles — no longer therapeutic goods

The Cosmetics Standard 2007 "sunsetted" on 1 October 2018 and the new Therapeutic Goods (Excluded Goods) Determination 2018 (Determination), a new instrument under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989, commenced on 1 October 2018 — read our news item. One important change contained in the new Determination is that topical antiperspirants and ear candles are no longer considered therapeutic goods.

This government decision means that chemicals in these products are now subject to obligations under our Act — the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act.

Importers' and manufacturers' obligations following these changes

If you are importing or manufacturing:

  • topical antiperspirants or
  • ear candles that are not articles

you will need to identify their chemical ingredients and:

Topical antiperspirants

Topical antiperspirant preparations that were previously declared exempt therapeutic goods are now excluded from the therapeutic goods regulatory framework.

These are antiperspirants that derive their antiperspirant properties from inorganic salts of aluminium, zinc or zirconium only.

Ear candles/ear candling

Ear candles are also now excluded from the therapeutic goods regulatory framework.

Chemical ingredients of ear candles that:

will now meet the definition of a relevant industrial chemical.

Last update 19 October 2018