Rotterdam Convention — Annex III additions

The Department of the Environment and Energy is Australia's Designated National Authority and the lead Australian Government agency administering the Rotterdam Convention.

NICNAS implements the Rotterdam Convention domestically for some chemicals intended for industrial use. The following table lists chemicals that have been recently added to Annex III.

To reflect these additions, we've amended our Regulations (Regulation 11C), effective from 21 July 2018. This Regulation is made under section 106 of the ICNA Act.

Chemicals added to Annex III

Chemical nameOther namesCAS number
Tri-n-butyltin chlorideStannane, tributylchloro-1461-22-9
Tributyltin fluorideStannane, tributylfluoro-1983-10-4
Tributlytin methacrylateStannane, tributyl[(2-methyl-1-oxo-2-propenyl)oxy]-2155-70-6
Tributyltin linoleateStannane, tributyl[(1-oxo-9,12-octadecadienyl)oxy]-, (Z,Z)-24124-25-2
Tributyltin benzoateStannane, (benzoyloxy)tributyl-4342-36-3
Tributlytin oxideDistannoxane, hexabutyl-56-35-9
Tributlytin napthenateStannane, tributyl-, mono(naphthenoyloxy) derivatives85409-17-2
Alkanes, C10-13, chloro-Short chain chlorinated paraffins85535-84-8

We announced these additions in our April Gazette Notice

Can I introduce or export an Annex III chemical?

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Last update 13 September 2018