High non-compliance among introducers using cosmetics exemption

Many NICNAS-registered businesses (introducers) using the ‘cosmetic use at a concentration of 1% or less’ exemption category failed to meet their legal requirements, including not being able to provide information to prove that their introduction meets human health hazards, aquatic toxicity and other environmental criteria.

We want to remind introducers using the exemption pathway that you must meet all criteria, otherwise it is an offence under the industrial chemicals laws and you could face significant penalties.

Introducers can manufacture or import new industrial chemicals into Australia without notifying us in certain circumstances called ‘exemptions’ (i.e. exempt from notification). Exemptions have strict criteria to protect human health and the environment.

If you are having difficulty understanding your obligations please contact us or consider hiring a legal or regulatory affairs specialist.

Unsure if this applies to you? Try our “Do I need to notify” questionnaire.


Last update 13 August 2018