New chemicals full public reports

The following list of manufactured or imported new industrial chemicals in Australia is published under section 38(5)(d) of the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989.

List of new manufactured or imported industrial chemicals
Reference numberApplicantChemical or trade nameHazardous substancesIntroduction volume (kg)Use
PLC/1560 [PDF 234 KB]BASF Australia LtdPolymer in Rheovis® HS 1181 AMNo< 100 tonnes per annumComponent of paints
LTD/2098 [PDF 300 KB]RF Composites Pty LtdUVE-2ND≤ 100 tonnes per annumA component of industrial coatings for composite materials
PLC/1529 [PDF 274 KB]Takasago International (Singapore) Pte LtdTAKAPS 4G SNo≤ 1 tonne per annumComponent of microcapsule for fragrances
PLC/1515 [PDF 292 KB]ResChem Technologies Pty LtdPolymer in Optiflo-H 7625 VF and BYK 425No≤ 30 tonnes per annumComponent of paints and coatings
LTD/2103 [PDF 318 KB]The Valspar (Australia) Corporation Pty LimitedPolymer in V70Q38AAND< 10 tonnes per annumCoating for food and beverage packaging
PLC/1562 [PDF 228 KB]BASF Australia Ltd Polymer in 923-530 HS Multi Clear G2No< 40 tonnes per annumComponent of coatings
STD/1691 [PDF 362 KB]Wacker Chemie AGGeniosil® LX 678ND< 10 tonnes per annumComponent of coatings, sealants and adhesives
LTD/2102 [PDF 504 KB]BASF Australia LtdAmines, bis(hydrogenated palm-oil alkyl)hydroxyYes≤ 1 tonne per annumAdditive for plastics

Not determined (ND): Based on the information available, the notified chemical cannot be classified according to the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), as adopted for industrial chemicals in Australia.

Last update 5 November 2019