Early introduction permits

The following permits were issued under section 30A of the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 and grant the importation or manufacture of a chemical by a business prior to the issue of an assessment certificate.

List of early introduction permits issued
Permit numberPermit holderChemical or trade nameUse
1238Cintox Australia Pty LtdPAG-1Lubricant
1239Tenaru Timber & Finishes Pty LtdPolymer in X102-537Component of paint
1240Cintox Australia Pty Ltd Polymer in Eliminator Part A and Part BComponent of a waterproofing coating system
1241Tenaru Timber & Finishes Pty LtdPolymer in Setal 216 WX-65Component of coatings

Last update 3 April 2018