Media enquiries

Journalists, send your enquiries to the NICNAS Communications Team via our online contact form.

Media enquiries should include your contact details, specific questions and a realistic deadline for the story.

About us

The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) is a statutory scheme administered by the Office of Chemical Safety, a division of the Australian Department of Health.

We assess the risks associated with the importation or manufacture of industrial chemicals in Australia. We do not conduct laboratory tests. We also do not regulate products or product safety.

Our assessments rely on data provided to us, usually by the importer or manufacturer of the chemical. If we consider that action is required to manage a risk (to the public, to workers, or to the environment) we have identified, we make recommendations to the relevant Australian Government, state or territory regulator.

Media expectations

We will strive to meet your deadline, but this will depend on the complexity of your questions.

Usually, information on our website can answer your questions. We publish all of our chemical assessments.

If your enquiry is about a specific industrial chemical, we encourage you to read our chemical assessments, factsheets, and topics of interest web pages before contacting us. You can also find information about specific chemicals and their regulatory status by searching the the Inventory – the search bar at the top right of this page.

We generally do not provide spokespeople for interview. We address questions in writing.

We do not speculate on the way in which industrial chemicals may be used, or comment on policy matters. Policy queries and general enquiries about public health issues should be sent to the Department of Health.

Student journalists

We treat your enquiries with the same priority as all media enquiries. As this can be a resource-intensive process, try to be concise and specific with your questions. Sending multiple rounds of questions will delay our response.

Your expectations about our media response process and timeframe should be realistic.

Last update 7 May 2019