AICS Trade Name Annex information

The Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS) is the legal device that distinguishes existing chemicals from new chemicals. AICS lists chemicals by their Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) names and numbers, and includes a molecular formula.

The AICS Trade Name Annex lists 2526 products by their trade names and general product descriptions. According to the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 (ICNA Act), AICS should be a list of chemical substances, not mixtures. Provisions under the Act allow for removing products from the Trade Name Annex and adding their constituents to AICS.  The provisions detail the process to be undertaken to manage this process.

AICS was compiled in 4 phases, from the late 1970s to1990. During the later stages of the compilation of AICS, a number of companies were unable to obtain the necessary information to list the individual ingredients in some of their products.

In order to complete and publish the inventory, certain trade names/products were allowed to be included before the close of the fourth nomination phase. This was only done where the nominator could demonstrate an inability to obtain the required chemical details of the trade name from the supplier(s). This led to the creation of the Trade Name Annex that formed part of the public AICS, published in 1992.

The Trade Name Annex is a list of trade names of products that require further investigation to determine their chemical details and was intended to be an interim measure to allow the nominators time to advise as to the precise identity of the chemicals in their products.

An amendment of the ICNA Act, introduced in 1997, provided the necessary power and process to manage the Trade Name Annex of AICS.

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Last update 17 August 2017