Current consultations

Draft secondary notification assessment for comment — Irgalube 232

Consultation open date: 22 January 2019
Consultation closing date: 5 March 2019

Interested parties are invited to comment on our draft secondary notification assessment report on Irgalube 232. We advised of the requirement for secondary notification of this chemical in our April 2018 Chemical Gazette.

Download draft assessment report on Irgalube 232 [PDF 1.5 MB]

Request a variation to this report

Comments can be made by applying for a variation to this report.

Completing the application

When requesting the variation you must:

  • outline any amendment or change(s) requested
  • identify the exact words, sentences or paragraphs in the report to be varied. You must also propose replacement words, sentences or paragraphs
  • explain the rationale behind the request and include any relevant references

Download Application for Variation [Form 4A] [Word 69 KB]

Chemical Gazette

We have published a notice about this draft report in our February Chemical Gazette.

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