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Last update 6 December 2016

AICS notice

Addition of chemical on the AICS and proposal for for deletion of wrongly added chemical
Chemical to be added

Diindolo[2,3-c:2',3'-n]triphenodioxazine, 9,19-dichloro-5,15-diethyl-5,15-dihydro-

CAS 215247-95-3

Chemical to be deleted

Diindolo[3,2-b:3',2'-m]triphenodioxazine, 8,18-dichloro-5,15-diethyl-5,15-dihydro-

CAS 6358-30-1

Read full details in the December 2016 Chemical Gazette
Notice dates

Chemical Gazette 6 December 2016

Due date for any statements

Statements must be in writing to the Director within 3 months of the notice date (6 December 2016) giving reasons why the chemical should not be removed. See further details in the December 2016 Chemical Gazette.

IMAP Tranche 19
  • Comments are sought where information that has potential to affect the outcome of an assessment has not been considered in the assessment.
  • Comments provided should be evidence-based and the relevance of submitted information should be highlighted.
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Consultation open date

25 November 2016

Consultation close date

2 February 2017

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