Prohibited or restricted cosmetic chemicals

NICNAS does not:

  • prohibit or ban the use of chemicals, or
  • maintain a list of chemicals prohibited or banned for use in cosmetics.

We do play a role in restricting the use of industrial chemicals by including:

These chemicals can only be manufactured or imported under the conditions of use and secondary notification conditions.

We also make recommendations, which may be adopted through regulations, standards, and other mechanisms by other state, territory or Australian Government agencies.

The most important source of information on restricted or prohibited chemicals is the Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Medicines and Poisons (SUSMP), otherwise known as the Poisons Standard. The Poisons Standard relates to ingredients (chemicals) in consumer products. You can get advice on the interpretation of the SUSMP and/or the legal requirements in a particular state or territory from State and Territory drugs and poisons units.

It may be helpful to refer to these sources when determining if you can market your product as a cosmetic.

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Last update 19 November 2018