Public AICS

Last update 30 November 2016

Type in a chemical name or CAS number in the search bar above to search the public AICS.

The Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS) is a database of industrial chemicals that we maintain.

It is a legal requirement to check AICS and the first step you should take if you are planning to manufacture and/or import chemicals or a product containing chemicals into Australia .

All chemicals on AICS are defined as existing industrial chemicals, while industrial chemicals not on AICS are defined as new industrial chemicals.

There are over 40,000 chemicals listed on the public AICS which can be searched.

Find out what the AICS will tell you

If the chemical you are intending to import or manufacture is not in the public section, you need to apply to us for a search of the confidential AICS.

Tips on searching AICS

A chemical listed on AICS can be imported or manufactured without notifying us provided it meets any relevant conditions. If your chemical falls outside the scope of its stated purpose in AICS, you will need to notify us unless an exemption applies.

New chemicals added to the public AICS

We notify new listings in the Chemical Gazette on the first Tuesday of each month.