Restrictions and conditions on the Inventory

Conditions of use

A condition of use is a limitation we place on a chemical.  If a chemical has a condition of use, it will be described in the chemical’s Inventory listing.

If a chemical has a condition of use different to your intended use, it is a considered a new industrial chemical to Australia. This means that unless an exemption applies, the new industrial chemical will need to be assessed by us for risks to the environment and human health before it can be imported and/or manufactured. Read more about new chemical notifications.

Example of a chemical with a condition of use

We do not need to be notified if the chemical you wish to import and/or manufacture meets its stated purpose in the Inventory.

Changes to conditions of use

We can also change the conditions of use for a chemical if further information comes to hand.  We advise of any proposed modifications to a chemical’s conditions of use in our Chemical Gazette.

Learn more about conditions of use

Secondary notifications

Chemicals with secondary notification requirements are listed in the Inventory.

If the chemical you have searched says 'Secondary notification conditions apply: Yes', read the related assessment report to find out what those conditions are or contact us before you import or manufacture the chemical.

Read the definition of a secondary notification


It is an offence to import or manufacture a chemical outside its condition of use. If your chemical has a condition of use it is important that you contact us before you import or manufacture the chemical.

Learn more in our new chemicals penalties section.

Last update 3 September 2019