Apply to be a holder of confidence

Assessment certificate holders who are granted a confidential Inventory listing are referred to as holders of confidence.

Change of circumstances

Submitting a holder of confidence application

Holder of confidence status does not automatically transfer if you acquire a business with a confidential Inventory listing. Rather, as the acquirer you must notify us and complete an application to be a holder of confidence. We will require proof of the transfer of the business.

Apply to be a holder of confidence (confidential Inventory only) [Word 65.9kb]

Inventory fees


Fee (AUD) from 1 August 2019
(GST does not apply)

Application to be a holder of a confidence


Send the form to us:

Email: Inventory (AICS) Manager

AICS Manager
GPO Box 58
Sydney NSW 2001

or contact us for further assistance.

Review process

The application will be reviewed and we will advise you of our decision in writing.


Appeals against a decision can be made.

Change of details

Certificate holders / holders of confidence' must advise us if they dispose of their business or in any other circumstances in which their interest in the chemical on the confidential Inventory changes.

Read more in the updating details/changes of circumstances section.

Last update 3 September 2019