Apply to search for confidentially listed chemicals on the Inventory

If you intend to manufacture or import a chemical into Australia that is not on our public Inventory, you can make an online request to search the confidential Inventory. We’ll search on your behalf and let you know if the chemical is listed on the confidential Inventory.

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Important Information

Before you apply, you must be sure that your chemical is not on the public Inventory. You can do this by searching your chemical’s name or Chemical Abstracts Services (CAS) number on our website and looking at the results under the heading Chemical Inventory.

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Who can apply

Any business with a genuine intention to manufacture or import the chemical into Australia.

Information you must provide

You can apply to search multiple chemicals in one application. At a minimum you must provide the chemical name or a CAS number for each chemical. We recommend that you provide as much chemical information as possible, including the CAS number if it’s available.

You must provide the web addresses of your search results as proof that you searched for your chemicals on the public Inventory. Guidance is provided in the form.

How to apply

Apply online through NICNAS Business Services (login required). New users can sign up for free.

After you submit your application

You can track your application and view the status of each chemical through NICNAS Business Services. We’ll contact you by email if further information is required and when we’ve completed our confidential Inventory search for each chemical. Your results will be viewable online through NICNAS Business Services.

If your chemical is on the Inventory

You can import or manufacture that chemical without telling us about it provided that:

  • your business is registered with us
  • you comply with any conditions and obligations associated with that chemical
If your chemical is NOT on the Inventory

You cannot import or manufacture the chemical until you notify us. Unless an exemption applies, we’ll need to assess the chemical. Read more about notifying your chemical.

Inventory fees


Fee (AUD) from 1 August 2019
(GST does not apply)

Confidential listing searches on the Inventory

No fee

Last update 3 September 2019