Listing chemicals on the Inventory

A chemical that was assessed by us will not be listed on the public or confidential Inventory for the first 5 years after an assessment certificate is issued for that chemical, unless you request an early listing.

After 5 years, the following information about the chemical will be available on the Inventory:

  • Chemical name
  • Associated (other) name
  • CAS number
  • Molecular formula

Once a chemical is listed on the Inventory, it is available for anyone who is registered with us to introduce without notification and assessment, subject to conditions of use and secondary notification requirements.

This section explains processes and options you have in relation to a chemical's Inventory listing after it has been assessed by us for industrial use in Australia and issued with an assessment certificate.

The listing process

  • Early listing (if you wish the chemical to be listed earlier than the 5 years)—application, payment and approval required
  • Public listing (5 years after issue of assessment certificate)
  • Confidential listing (if you wish the chemical to remain off the public Inventory at the end of the 5 years)—application, payment and approval required.

This 5 year period of non-listing prevents others from benefiting from the costs you (the importer / manufacturer) incurred during the notification and assessment process.

Early listing

If you are a certificate holder you can apply for an assessed chemical to be listed on the public Inventory before the 5 year period expires. You cannot apply for an early listing on the confidential Inventory.

Apply for an early public Inventory listing [Word 59.4 KB]


There is no early listing application fee if you apply within 28 days of the assessment certificate's given date (ie the date you received the certificate from us). If you apply for early listing after this 28 day period, a fee of $920 applies. Payment must be made with the application and can be by EFT, credit card or cheque (full details are provided in the application form).

Joint applications

Separate applications need to be made for joint notifications, however only a single fee is payable (if outside the 28 day period).

Send the completed application to us:

Email: Inventory (AICS Manager)

Inventory (AICS) Manager
GPO Box 58
Sydney NSW 2001

or contact us for further assistance.

Review process

  • On receipt of the application we will contact any other certificate holders to check if they agree with your request for an early listing.
  • If no objections are received—your application will be approved and the chemical will be listed on the public AICS with notification of its listing published in the Chemical Gazette.
  • If objections are received—your application will be rejected and the chemical will remain unlisted for the 5 year period.

Public (non-confidential) listing (after 5 years)

At the end of the 5 year non-listing period, you will receive notification from us of our intention to list the chemical on the public AICS. Following this, the chemical will be listed on the public AICS and gazetted, unless you apply to us to consider a confidential listing for your chemical.

Confidential listing

A confidential listing on AICS allows importers and/or manufacturers of an industrial chemical into Australia to maintain confidentiality over the chemical's particulars as long as specific and legislated criteria are met. Applications will be considered, for example, where the manufacturer/importer can prove that disclosure of the chemical's identity / information will lead to commercial loss. Certificate holders granted a confidential AICS listing for a chemical are referred to as 'holders of confidence'. Other persons importing and/or manufacturing a chemical on the confidential AICS can also apply to be a holder of confidence for the chemical provided they meet legislative criteria.

If you hold an assessment certificate for an industrial chemical, you may apply for the chemical's name, CAS Number and molecular formula to remain confidential for a period of 5 years (after its initial 5 year period of non-listing). Application for a re-listings can also be made. A $3,990 fee applies.

Important information

  • A confidential AICS listing does not mean the original notifier has exclusive introduction of the chemical in Australia. The chemical is still available to be imported or manufactured by any other business.
  • Exclusivity is only provided through Australia's intellectual property rights legislation (which includes trade secrets and patents).

Read our guidelines on how to apply for confidential AICS listing

Change of details

Whatever your listing, it is important you advise us of any updates to your details/change in circumstance as soon as possible.

You can use our contact us form to do this.

AICS Inventory fees


Fee (AUD)
(GST does not apply)

Confidential listing of a new industrial chemical


Application to retain confidential listing


Application for early non-confidential listing with fee


Application to be a holder of a confidence


Note there is no charge for searching confidential listings on the Inventory.

Last update 14 November 2018