Confidential Inventory

Apply for a confidential Inventory search

Ensure you read the following information before applying.

What is the confidential Inventory?

The confidential section of the Inventory is not available publicly.

A confidential listing is sometimes requested to protect the commercial interests of an importer and/or manufacturer - this type of listing must be applied for and strict criteria apply in reviewing the application - find out more in our Listing chemicals on the Inventory section.

Can I use a chemical that is in the confidential Inventory?

Yes. The same rules apply as for the public section - the chemical is available to import or manufacture provided your purpose meets any relevant conditions of use for the chemical.

Can I request a search of the confidential Inventory?

Yes, if you cannot locate a chemical on the public Inventory and you are genuinely intending to import and/or manufacture the chemical into Australia you can ask us to search the confidential section of AICS for you.

How to apply

There is no fee for applying. Ensure you have searched the public Inventory using the recommended search methods.

When applying, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Provide the CAS preferred chemical name and/or CAS Registry number for each chemical
  2. Provide a copy of your search result of the public Inventory showing that the chemical was not found
  3. Declare you have a bona fide interest in importing and/or manufacturing the chemical.
  4. Note the application form has a section for the molecular formula - this information is not mandatory but can assist with cross-referencing.

Apply for a confidential search of the Inventory [Word 62.5 kb]

Send the completed form to us:

Email Inventory Manager

Inventory (AICS) Manager
GPO Box 58
Sydney NSW 2001

or contact us for further assistance.

What happens after I apply?

We will advise you of the results. For confidentiality reasons, CAS numbers are not always available. If the chemical is not listed on either the public or confidential Inventory, you will need to notify it as a new chemical to be assessed unless an exemption applies.

Last update 14 November 2018