Other assessments

Other assessments comprise:

  • secondary notification assessments of chemicals previously assessed by NICNAS
  • targeted assessments (focused on hazard, exposure or use) of existing chemicals for which there were potential health or environmental concerns or relevant new data.


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Chemical in OLOA 270—secondary notification assessment [WORD 1 MB]

CAS number: Confidential

Published 1 May 2008

The primary use of OLOA 270 is as an ingredient in lubricant oils used by the marine diesel engine lubricant market. A small amount is also used for high performance hydraulic oils for closed hydraulic systems in large construction equipment such as earth movers, road graders and power scoop shovels.

Chemical in reagent S-10104 promoter—secondary notification assessment [WORD 270 KB]

CAS number: 1001320-38-2

Published 1 August 2015

Carbamic acid, N-[(butylthio)thioxomethyl]-, butyl ester (Chemical in Reagent S-10104 Promoter), was notified by Cytec Australia Holdings Pty Limited and assessed by NICNAS as a new chemical in 2008. The chemical was listed on the AICS in July 2013. In 2014 Cytec Australia Holdings Pty Limited informed NICNAS of new hazard data. This secondary notification assessment focuses on the new health hazard and physico-chemical hazard data.

Common skin sensitisers—hazard classification [WORD 728 KB]

CAS number: 30618-84-9; 7791-13-1; 78491-02-8; 51229-78-8; 39236-46-9; 55965-84-9; 5307-14-2; 514-10-3 95-33-0; 137-30-4; 8027-33-6; 68603-42-9; 12221-69-1; 8001-54-5; 9003-35-4; 25035-71-6; 25085-50-1 7681-57-4; 109-16-0

Published 1 January 2005

This report by NICNAS examines 53 common sensitisers identified by the Occupational Dermatology Research and Education Centre to determine their status with respect to the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission's List of Designated Hazardous Substance.

Complex soap TH17—secondary notification assessment [WORD 461KB]

CAS number: Confidential

Published 1 October 2009

The grease products containing the Complex Soap TH17 are used for long term and lifelong lubrication of rolling bearings in sealed components in the automotive industry.

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