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NICNAS assesses the risks of industrial chemicals to human health and the environment, and makes recommendations to other government agencies that regulate the use and disposal of chemicals.

These fact sheets are for a general audience and contain information about the risks of certain chemicals for industrial use in Australia, including recommendations for safe use.

Please note, our recommendations are not always implemented by chemical regulators. For the most up-to-date information about how a particular chemical is regulated in your State or Territory you will need to contact other government agencies. Read What we do for details about our regulatory partners.


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CAS number(s): Various

Savinase is an enzyme used in laundry detergent. Usually in Australia savinase is inactive in its encapsulated form until it gets wet.

Short chain chlorinated paraffins

CAS number(s): 68920-70-7

Short chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs) are mainly used in extreme pressure lubricants in the metal processing industry. They are also used in fillers or sealers, glues and coating materials used in the building industry, and in rubber and leather treatments.

Short chain chlorinated paraffins in metal working fluids

CAS number(s): 68920-70-7

In July 2004, NICNAS completed an assessment of environmental exposure to short chain chlorinated paraffins and has recommended that industry voluntarily phase out the use of these chemicals in metal working fluids.

Sodium cyanide

CAS number(s): 143-33-9

Sodium cyanide is a highly soluble, white deliquescent crystalline powder. In Australia, sodium cyanide is mainly used in the mining industry to recover gold from ore.

Sodium ethyl xanthate

CAS number(s): 140-90-9

Sodium ethyl xanthate is used as a flotation agent in the mining industry.

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