Information publication scheme

Under the Information Publication Scheme (IPS), NiCNAS as an agency subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) is required to publish specific categories of information on its website.

Operating in a pro-disclosure environment, we ensure the public has easy access to our IPS entries by publishing:

  • the specified categories of required information (as listed below)
  • other 'optional' information
  • an agency plan that details how we implement and manage our IPS requirements.

IPS entries we must publish

We have sorted some of our IPS information into the following categories.

About Us

Provides general information on our:

  • role and responsibilities
  • funding
  • organisational information including our program structure, statutory appointments and key staff
  • performance reporting requirements (including links to our annual reports)


Details of current and past consultations and how members of the public and stakeholders can submit their comments .

Advisory groups

Information about our stakeholder engagement through advisory groups made up of industry and community representatives.

Operational information

Disclosures log

Lists information we have released in response to freedom of information access requests.

Our performance – our published annual reports outlining our operations and outcomes by financial year and other reporting requirements.

IPS contact officer - if you are having trouble locating an IPS entry or other information you are seeking on our website, contact us for assistance.

Read our IPS Agency Plan

Last update 29 July 2018