Freedom of information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, anyone can seek access to documents held by NICNAS.

How to make a request

You must request access to documents in writing. Applications can be emailed or posted to us.

Your request must give us enough information about the documents you would like to access, to allow us to identify them.

If you are applying on behalf of another person we will need a signed authority from that person or, if relevant, a power of attorney.

Complete FOI application (Word)

If you do not wish to email your application, you can post it to us at:

FOI Contact Officer
GPO Box 58
Sydney NSW 2001

There is no fee for making an FOI request however under the FOI Act we can charge a fee for processing requests.

Read more information about FOI fees.

Assessing requests

Requests are reviewed to ensure all necessary information has been provided and the documents you are requesting have been clearly identified.

If necessary, we will contact you if any further information is required.

When your request has been processed, we will advise you in writing of our decision. We will decide to either release:

  • All documents requested
  • Part of the documents requested
  • None of the documents you requested

Decisions are generally made within 45 days from the date a request is received. Note: This time limit only applies if your request is sufficiently clear for the officer to process it and the application fee has been paid or waived.

If we do not identify any relevant documents we will let you know.

Details of your request will be placed on our Disclosures Log.

Third party consultation

If documents we identify relate to an individual/organisation (other than an applicant) it may be necessary for us to consult with that individual/organisation in order to obtain their views about the potential release of documents.


A review request of an FOI access refusal decision can be made with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Disclosure log

All information we release under FOI is listed in our disclosure log.

View our FOI disclosures log

Further information

Free Call: 1800 638 528  | Phone: +61 2 8577 8800  | Email: | Postal address: GPO Box 58 Sydney NSW 2001

Alternatively, submit an online enquiry and we will get back to you.

Visit the website of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner - FOI section.

Last update 29 July 2018