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As we head towards implementation of the new scheme, we'll be updating this section with answers to your most asked questions.

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  • Will my current business registration carry over to the new scheme?

    Yes. If you have a current registration with us, we’ll transfer it on 1 July 2020 to the new scheme.

    Note, our registration year is the same in the new scheme (1 September to 31 August). Registration and renewals will continue to be online.

  • I only import cosmetics, not industrial chemicals. Will I have to register?

    Yes, you still need to register your business with us. We still regard the ingredients in cosmetics as industrial chemicals under the new scheme.

  • Can I still introduce industrial chemicals on the Inventory?

    Yes, you can still introduce industrial chemicals on the new Inventory if you meet the terms of listing and you've registered with us. We'll migrate every industrial chemical currently on the Inventory to the new Inventory. They'll have the same terms of listing with an improved format.

  • I only import naturally occurring chemicals, not industrial chemicals. Will anything change?

    No, you can keep importing your naturally occurring chemicals if they meet the definition under the old law. You don't need to register with AICIS.

  • Will AICIS continue doing risk assessments of chemicals on the Inventory, like in IMAP?

    Yes, we'll still be assessing the risks of industrial chemicals on the Inventory. We'll be doing this using our new evaluation power. This allows us to evaluate any industrial chemical using a flexible and responsive process. We'll publish the outcomes of our evaluations online.

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Last update 18 June 2019