Low volume permits

We aim to minimise any disruptions to industrial chemical importers and manufacturers as we move from NICNAS to AICIS.

No permits will be issued under AICIS. However, if you have a valid low volume chemical (LVC) permit at 1 July 2020, you'll enjoy a transitional treatment to minimise any disruption.

Key points on this page discuss how the following will transition:

  • LVC permits issued by NICNAS that are still in force at 1 July 2020
  • LVC permit applications pending* on 1 July 2020
  • LVC permit renewal applications on 1 July 2020

*A “pending” LVP permit application is where you applied (and paid in full) under NICNAS, but but a decision on your application was not made before 1 July 2020.

For more details about the transition of LVC permits, please refer to Division 5 of Part 5 of Schedule 2 to the IC (CATP) Act and Part 4 of the Transitional Rules.

Download transitional legislation, explanatory statements and rules here

How will my LVC permit transition to the new law?

On 1 July 2020, if you have a valid LVC permit, it will become a time-limited assessment certificate under AICIS. The assessment certificate will keep the terms and conditions of your NICNAS LVC permit, except the time period might be different (see next topic for information about certificate duration).

How long will my transitioned LVC permit stay in force as a time-limited assessment certificate?

All valid LVC permits that transition to AICIS assessment certificates will stay in force at least until 30 June 2022, which means an extension of time for some permit holders.

If your LVC isn't due to expire until after 30 June 2022, the time-limited assessment certificate will stay in force until the later date, i.e. the date when your permit would have expired under NICNAS.

What happens after the assessment certificate expires?

You'll need to categorise your introduction following AICIS rules. You cannot request a renewal.

What will happen to my pending LVC permit application at 1 July 2020?

Your pending application for a LVC permit will transition to AICIS and we'll treat it as though you applied for an assessment certificate. There will be some modifications that we'll discuss with you. We’ll contact you to go through all aspects of the transition. There is no further cost to you.

Once we finalise any pending applications for LVC permits under the new law:

  • if we approve your application*, we'll issue you with an assessment certificate
  • the certificate will have a 3-year duration from the date of issue

*We’ll base a decision about the transitioned application on criteria equivalent to those we use for LVC permit applications under NICNAS.

What will happen to my pending LVC permit renewal application at 1 July 2020?

We will treat your pending application for renewal of your LVC permit as though you applied to vary a term (in this case, the duration) of a transitioned assessment certificate. Your transitioned assessment certificate will stay in force until we make a decision. If we approve your application, your transitioned assessment certificate will be limited to a 3 year introduction period. After this, you'll need to categorise your introduction following AICIS rules.

Last update 5 December 2019