Transitioning from NICNAS to AICIS

As we move towards the start of AICIS on 1 July 2020, we aim to minimise any disruptions to industrial chemical importers and manufacturers. On these pages you can see at a glance how the transition process will work including:

  • the transition of chemicals on the NICNAS Inventory to the new AICIS Inventory
  • how applications made under NICNAS (the old scheme) that aren't finalised on 1 July 2020 will transition to AICIS (the new scheme)
  • how NICNAS permits will transition to AICIS
  • how NICNAS certificates will transition to AICIS
  • how secondary notification obligations under NICNAS will apply under AICIS

The General Rules, Categorisation Guidelines and Transitional Rules have now been finalised

Last update 5 December 2019