Consultations on the new scheme

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Current consultation

Changes we are proposing to make to the draft General Rules

Date open: 4 April 2019
Close date: 17 May 2019

Download our consultation paper on the draft General Rules [PDF 897 KB]

We are seeking your feedback on changes we are proposing to the draft General Rules for the new scheme. This consultation relates to certain General Rules that are either new or require significant change from the earlier exposure draft as a result of the passage of the IC Act (as amended). Stakeholder feedback on the categorisation criteria in the earlier draft of the General Rules was also considered in this process.

Important: This consultation is not a further exposure draft of all the General Rules. We are continuing to develop the remainder of the General Rules, taking into account the stakeholder feedback received on the exposure drafts in 2018.

Download a copy of the draft General Rules we consulted on in 2018 [PDF 867KB]

The focus of this consultation

The focus of this consultation is on amendments contained in the Industrial Chemicals Act 2019 that bring in new requirements for introducers.

These requirements are that introducers will now need to make a one-off declaration for exempted introductions at the end of the registration year in which the introduction first occurs.

In addition, during passage of the IC Act, the Government agreed to explore how the General Rules could limit the use of new animal test data for introductions where the chemical has multiple end uses, including in cosmetics. We are proposing new Rules in this area as well.

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Looking for past consultations?

The following material is now only available on our archived site.

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Reforms key documents and consultations now archived
Name of consultation / document Further details Year(s) published

Changes to categorisation of industrial chemicals since release of Consultation Paper 5

Changes are reflected in the draft Categorisation Guidelines and draft General Rules. We made these changes as a result of stakeholder feedback and the process of drafting the requirements into the General Rules and Categorisation Guidelines.


Consultation Papers 1-5 and stakeholder submissions and related material

Reforms Cost Recovery Model discussion paper

This paper outlines the proposed funding model for the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS).

Reforms implementation plan

The proposed implementation and consultation approach and proposed timelines.

Reforms announcement

The announcement made by the then Assistant Minister for Health, Senator the Hon Fiona Nash.

Regulation impact statement

Options for reforming the National Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme.


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