New scheme consultations

Removal of non-industrial chemicals from the Inventory before the new scheme, AICIS, starts

Consultation open date:   3 December 2019
Consultation close date:  31 March 2020

Our new scheme, the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS), starts on 1 July 2020. It will be governed by a new law — the Industrial Chemicals Act 2019 (IC Act). The Australian Inventory of Industrial Chemicals (the new Inventory) will replace the Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances (the current Inventory). Section 80 of the IC Act mandates that the new Inventory must only contain industrial chemicals.

At the moment, we believe that the current Inventory lists more than 1600 chemicals that are not — and are not likely to ever have been — industrial chemicals, and are (or have been) used solely as:

  • an agricultural chemical
  • a veterinary chemical
  • a medicine or therapeutic, or
  • a food or food additive

Chemicals used in this way are not industrial chemicals and are regulated by other agencies. Under the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989, these are called ‘excluded use’ chemicals.

We've prepared a list of chemicals on the NICNAS Inventory that we believe do not have (and have not had) an industrial use and need to be removed.

View the list of chemicals we believe do not have (and have never had) an industrial use

We intend to remove from the current Inventory all chemicals on the list that have no industrial use before the new scheme starts. The AICIS Inventory will then contain chemicals used only for industrial purposes.

Request for information — do you know if any chemicals on our list has an industrial use?

If you're aware of any chemicals on our list that has an industrial use, we need to know.

The due date to submit information is 31 March 2020. You can use our online form (preferred method) to provide information to us.

Submit this form if you want to provide information to us about any industrial uses of the chemicals on the list

What will happen after 31 March 2020?

We will:

  • consider the information received
  • remove any chemical without an industrial use from the Inventory, and
  • publish a list of these chemicals on our website

We will not remove any chemical that has an industrial use as well as an excluded use.

December Chemical Gazette

You'll can read more background on this matter including more in depth information on relevant legislation in the December 2019 Chemical Gazette (publish date Tuesday 3 December).

Closed consultations

Principles for the design of fees and charges for AICIS

Closed on 14 October 2019

This consultation related to the costs of running AICIS which will be recovered through fees and charges imposed on importers and manufacturers (introducers) of industrial chemicals. We sought views on the principles and options, outlined in the Principles paper that we will use to establish fees and charges for AICIS.

Read further details of this closed consultation

Proposed changes to the draft General Rules

Closed on 17 May 2019

This consultation related to certain General Rules that are either new or require significant change from the earlier exposure draft as a result of the passage of the IC Act (as amended).

Read further details about this closed consultation

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Looking for past consultations on the new scheme?

The following material is now only available on our archived site.

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Reforms key documents and consultations now archived
Name of consultation / document Further details Year(s) published

Changes to categorisation of industrial chemicals since release of Consultation Paper 5

Changes are reflected in the draft Categorisation Guidelines and draft General Rules. We made these changes as a result of stakeholder feedback and the process of drafting the requirements into the General Rules and Categorisation Guidelines.


Consultation Papers 1-5 and stakeholder submissions and related material

Assessment certificate applications under the reformsThis reforms consultation on requirements for the proposed new scheme. We sought feedback on the amount and types of information that you will be required to provide when applying for an assessment certificate for an unlisted chemical introduction under the proposed new scheme, the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS).2018
Using AICIS approved chemicals names (AACNs) for protecting confidentialityThis  reforms consultation on guidance for the proposed new scheme. We sought feedback on the clarity of the guidance and our approach to masking a chemical name.2018
Reforms Cost Recovery Model discussion paper

This paper outlines the proposed funding model for the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS).

Reforms implementation plan

The proposed implementation and consultation approach and proposed timelines.

Reforms announcement

The announcement made by the then Assistant Minister for Health, Senator the Hon Fiona Nash.

Regulation impact statement

Options for reforming the National Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme.


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