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Training and Outreach Sessions—Nationwide

NICNAS's preferred approach to ensuring compliance with our legislation is to work with industry—providing advice to help them understand their regulatory obligations and assistance in finding the most practical way to meet those obligations.

As part of our commitment to raising industry awareness, NICNAS will be conducting stakeholder training and awareness sessions in major capital cities and selected regional areas in coming months, and is seeking expressions of interest from those wishing to attend.

Please note, limited places are available; and these sessions are designed for new registrants and those unfamiliar with the NICNAS scheme. For stakeholders interested in updates to the scheme please consult: NICNAS current issues of our website; The NICNAS BulletinChemical Gazette and NICNAS Matters.

NICNAS training sessions are approximately 1.5 to 2 hours in duration, and there is no cost to attend. The topics discussed include: 

  1. Who is NICNAS?
  2. What does NICNAS do?
  3. Industrial chemical introducers' regulatory obligations
  4. NICNAS registration
  5. Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS)
  6. New industrial chemicals
  7. Existing chemicals
  8. Prior Informed Consent (PIC) chemicals
  9. Nanomaterials
  10. NICNAS compliance and enforcement functions
  11. Cosmetic  introducers' regulatory obligations

NICNAS industry training schedule



Ballarat: 4 March 2015—Expression of interest (EOI) by 21 Feb 2015  Cancelled

Melbourne: 5 March 2015—EOI by 21 Feb 2015  No further allocations. Expressions of interests are being taken for additional sessions in late 2015.

New South Wales

Sydney: 3rd and 4th June 2015—EOI by 22 May 2015


Brisbane: 26 November 2015—EOI by 12 November 2015



Melbourne: 17 March 2016—EOI by 3 March 2016  

New South Wales

Sydney: 2 June 2016—EOI by 23 May 2016  

If you wish to attend NICNAS training sessions, please provide your name, industry/company, training session, number of attendees, and preferred city, and e-mail to:

Upon receiving your expression of interest, NICNAS officers will contact you two weeks before the training date with a confirmation of venue and sessions details.

If you have any further queries about industry training, please phone (02) 8577 8800, or Freecall
1800 638 528 or e-mail:

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