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Ingredients in cosmetic products, even those described as 'natural', are regulated as industrial chemicals under the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 (the Act). Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989

To make sure that these products are safe for consumers, workers and the environment, the Australian Government assesses the risks associated with cosmetic products and/or ingredients manufactured or imported into Australia.

To find out if your product is a cosmetic regulated by NICNAS, please follow the process map below. Click on the links below to view details.

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NICNAS Cosmetics RegulationsIndicative ListDefinition of a cosmetic in Section 5 of the ActProhibited or Restricted Cosmetic Chemicals in AustraliaProhibited or Restricted Cosmetic Chemicals in AustraliaTherapeutic Goods and UsesTherapeutic Goods AdministrationFace and Nail with SunscreenFace and Nail with SunscreenSkin Care with SunscreenSkin Care with SunscreenAnti-Bacterial Skin CareAnti-Acne Skin CareOral HygieneAnti-Dandruff ProductsCosmetics StandardNICNAS RequirementsStep 2: NICNAS RequirementsLabelling Requirements

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