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Cost recovery arrangements

All NICNAS activities are cost recovered in accordance with the Australian Government's cost recovery policy and guidelines. 

Cost recovery principles and practices

NICNAS has developed a manual outlining the current cost recovery principles and practices. The purpose of this document is to establish overall principles used in the formulation of NICNAS fees and charges. The manual will be updated as required, to reflect any change to NICNAS's cost recovery principles and practices arising from the CRIS. 

Cost recovery impact statement

NICNAS has undertaken a review of its cost recovery arrangements and has published a cost recovery impact statement (CRIS) for the period 2012–13 to 2015–16 which complies with the Australian Government's cost recovery policy and guidelines. Extensive stakeholder consultation was undertaken during the development of the CRIS.

A summarised version of the CRIS, as well as the complete version is available for viewing.

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